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Hatewatch Headlines 10/12/2016

Media Matters: Trump senior adviser retweets endorsement from notorious anti-Semitic Alt-Right site.

Talking Points Memo: Mike Pence has to tell Trump supporter not to talk about the ‘revolution’ if Clinton wins election.

The Hill: Trump’s alt-right campaign manager Bannon, fueled by paranoia, ordered staff to destroy Rep. Ryan.

Mother Jones: Trump campaign enlists white nationalist Pat Buchanan, who Trump once denounced.

Phoenix New Times: Sheriff Joe Arpaio to face criminal contempt charges for ignoring court orders in racial profiling case.

Think Progress: How harassment of abortion workers creates a ‘background of violence’ and breeds anti-choice terrorism.

Oregonian: Militiaman Ken Medenbach testifies that the Bundys are his ‘heroes’ and he’s exactly where he wants to be.

The Baltimore Sun: Howard County sheriff resigns in wake of racist, anti-Semitic Facebook rants.

BuzzFeed: First grader’s father says his son was beaten on North Carolina schoolbus for being Muslim.

Washington Post: Iowa white supremacist who bragged about cross-burnings sentenced in brutal hate crime assault.

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