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Hatewatch Headlines 10/11/2016

Christian Science Monitor: Why so much blatant racism is bubbling to the surface.

Media Matters: Hillary and Obama are both believed to be demons, Alex Jones informs his audience.

Raw Story: White nationalists see opportunity to pack a Trump administration, since ‘We are the new GOP!’

Talking Points Memo: Student whose attorney cited Trump as inspiration pleads guilty to hate crime assault.

Wired: How the Alt-Right grew from an obscure racist cabal on the Internet to a real-life white supremacist revival.

Washington Post: A Virginia college professor is in hot water after comparing Black Lives Matter to the KKK.

Vice: Alt-Right trolls are feuding over whether they should prove their whiteness with DNA testing.

The Daily Beast: Veteran posts ‘Identity Evropa’ signs at college campuses, telling whites to ‘be great again.’

The Daily Princetonian (NJ): University students receive white supremacist mailing urging them to vote for Trump.

Huffington Post: White artist ‘kidnaps’ Rosa Parks’ Detroit home, saving it from demolition.

Source: https://www.splcenter.org/hatewatch/rss.xml,

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